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The Dead Zone Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Some people believe in supernatural powers, ghosts, spirits, and horror. The writers have used this faith of people and plotted some stories in their books. There is also a spice of mystery, horror, and suspense in the tales. Do you have an interest in such topics? Then you can download The Dead Zone Pdf written by Stephen King.

The Dead Zone Review:

The author initiates the tale by describing a tragic and sad incident in the protagonist’s life. The name of the protagonist character is Jhonny Smith, who is a school teacher in a small town. The main character faces a car accident and goes into the comma. His body becomes completely paralyzed. It is the biggest loss for a person that he becomes immobilize and senseless.

There is a strange and horrifying turn in the story when Jhonny wakes up from his unconscious state after four and a half years. The main character somehow acquires the supernatural power of seeing a person’s past and future by touching him or her. And after some time, he becomes ambiguous that if he can make some actions after foreseeing the future to prevent any unfortunate event.

Now we are leaving you at this point of suspense that will he take those steps or not? You have to read the book to find out the conclusion. Don’t worry about the rating of the book. It has a reader’s feedback of 4.6 stars out of 5. The book has received many literary awards, including Locus Award Nominee for Best Fantasy Novel,  World Fantasy Award Nominee for Best Novel, Balrog Award Nominee for Best Novel.

The Dead Zone Pdf

About the Author Stephen King:

Stephen Edwin King was born on 21st September 1947. He is an American novelist famous for his supernatural, crime fiction, science fiction, and horror novels. About 350 million copies of his artwork are sold till now. He has received many literary awards.

Features of The Dead Zone Pdf:

  • The Dead Zone got published for the first time on 30th August 1979 and republished in August 1980 by Signet Publishers.
  • It has easy-to-read and high-quality fonts to read on smartphones and laptops.

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