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The Gunslinger Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

The moments and conditions in which a person lives imparts their color on the personality of that person. The behavior of the person is because of the time he faced in his past. The past describes the present state of a person and decides the future of the person. Do you want to read a story on this topic? You can download The Gunslinger Pdf written by Stephen King.

The Gunslinger Review:

This book is the first part of the series of The Dark Tower. The author of this story initiates the intense and tragic story of the protagonist character. The central character of the tale is Roland of Gilead. His personality is very mysterious and secretive. The person who looks at him fears him. But the sad part of the story is that he is alone, and no one is there for him. His life is like a pendulum which is performing simple harmonic motion between the good and bad side. He is living in his imaginative deserted world.

There are some strange events in the book, starting from the black-dressed man’s chase to encounter a woman. In this portion of the book, the evil side of him is more prominent. But later on, he shakes hand with a boy from New York whose name is Jake. It represents the good and kind side of his nature. You will enjoy reading the book. It will be difficult for you to take off your eyes. The book has a rating of 4.4 stars out of 5.

About the Author Stephen King:

Stephen king Edward was born on 21st September in 1947. He is an American author famous for his crime fiction, supernatural, suspense, and thrilling novels. There 350 million copies of his work, which are sold away.

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  • The book got published in July 2003 by Plume.
  • You can download the Pdf book from the website.
  • It has easy to read font size.

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