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The Idiot Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

You must have heard people saying that a man’s true purpose and success is finding and discovering oneself. This novel by Elif Batuman called The Idiot works on the same principle; however, instead of discovering yourself, it is more about inventing yourself, which is an even difficult feat to achieve. If you wish to read the book and see what’s in it for you, download The Idiot Pdf right now from our site.

The Idiot Pdf Review:

The story of The Idiots brings us the tale of a Turkish Immigrant girl Selin. She has moved to the United States with her parents and is currently enrolled in Harvard. The culture and world of the United States are new to her, and she faces a lot of challenges while settling in. Selin will learn subjects that she has never heard of, befriend new people she does not know, and many other challenges to overcome.

Something interesting starts happening in Selin’s life when she starts talking over email with her class fellow named Ivan. Ivan is a Hungarian student, and both of them start taking a Russian language class together, where they first meet. Her friends with Ivan grew stronger, and even though she does not realize it initially, both of them start feeling romantically for each other.

The Idiot is one of the finest novels published in 2017 and was a nominee of many book awards in 2018. The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction is one of the major awards where The Idiot got shortlisted as a finalist; however, it failed to win the award. The New York Times praised the book for its details and small observations in each story chapter.

The Idiot Pdf

About the Author Elif Batuman:

Elif Batuman is an American author. She is known for writing for The Idiot, which is one of her most successful novels. She is also an academic and journalist and currently a writer-in-residence.

The Idiot Pdf Features:

The main features of The Idiot e-book are given below:

  • The Idiot brings us an intriguing tale of an immigrant Turkish girl Selin.
  • Read the struggle of an international student trying to find a place in American society.
  • The Idiot Pdf is available for free download with easy-to-read fonts.

Download The Idiot Pdf Free:

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