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The Immortalists Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

We would have done many things differently if we had known the time of our death. Well, this is an interesting concept and also the context of The Immortalists. The Immortalists is a fiction novel by Chloe Benjamin that explores the concepts of people knowing about their date of death and then taking action. To start reading the book, get the free The Immortalists Pdf at the end of this review.

The Immortalists Pdf Review:

The story of The Immortalists starts with a mystical woman arriving in New York City in 1969. She is a psychic who claims to accurately predict people’s death date and their life over the next five decades. The book’s best thing is how beautifully it considers some of life’s most important questions while telling a deep and intriguing story.

Sam, the protagonist of the story, also hears that a psychic in the city can tell people’s date of death and their future over the next five decades. After hearing that, he decides to travel to the West Coast in search of love. Klara is another main character in the story who wants to become a magician. She is obsessed with the concept of blurring fantasy and reality.

Ambition and Depth are the two core principles that this novel follows and explores beautifully. It has some strong characters that are walking a fine line between destiny and choice. The book also explores the themes of reality and illusion. The nature of belief and power of story are things that the Immortalists explores so well.

It is one of the critically acclaimed books of 2018 gaining positive reviews from critics and readers alike. The Immortalists has a user score of 3.7 out of 5 on Goodreads, which is pretty great for a fantasy novel.

The Immortalists Pdf

About the Author Chleo Benjamin:

Chloe Benjamin is an American writer. She is known for writing The Immortalists and The Anatomy of Dreams. Both of her novels earned positive reviews from the critics, and the former became the New York Times #1 Bestseller.

The Immortalists Pdf Features:

  • The book beautifully explores the line between illusion and reality.
  • A story about a psychic who tells the future and people pursuing their dreams
  • The Immortalists Pdf e-book is available for free download.

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