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The Lost Symbol Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Do you have an interest in reading thrilling novels? If yes! Then we have something interesting for you. You can download The Lost Symbol Pdf written by Dan Brown. The book is a combination of mystery and suspense. You will surely love to read it. And it will be hard for you to take off your eyes until you read the last sentence of the book.

The Lost Symbol Review:

The author of the tale initiates the story from a fascinating letter to the protagonist character. The main character of the story is Robert Langdon, is a professor of symbols at Harvard University. There is an invitation for him to the Capitol Building to deliver a lecture. He goes there and finds some symbols which convey a secret message to him by a group. The ancient symbols encode an order to reach the point.

Then the group kidnaps the mentor of Robert Langdon and forces him to come to their desired place. And so, he plans to there. We are not going to unfold the story anymore. You have to read it on your own. Don’t worry about the rating of the story.

It has a great reader’s feedback of 4.2 stars out of 5. The novel has claimed many literary awards including Goodreads Choice Award Nominee for Favorite Book, Fiction & Mystery/Thriller (2009), LovelyBooks Leserpreis Nominee for Krimi (2009).

About the Author Dan Brown:

Dan Gerhard Brown is a 56 years old American Novelist. He was born on 22nd June 1964. He has an interest in music, but the reason for his popularity is his thrilling novels. He loves to write on the topics of treasure hunting and mystery solving. There are 200 million sold copies of his work. His book got translated into 57 languages. His masterpiece writings include “The Lost Symbol”, “The Origin”, “Inferno” and “Angel and Demons”. He has millions of readers worldwide.

Features of The Lost Symbol Pdf:

  • Doubleday published “The Lost Symbol” on 15th September 2009.
  • The book constitutes 509 pages and is the third part of the “Robert Langdon” series.
  • The Lost Symbol Pdf has easy-to-read fonts.

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