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The Martian Pdf
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Some writers have traveled the whole universe in their imagination. And now, they want people to imagine the conditions and environment of other planets of the universe. Are you willing to take a tour on a planet far away from the earth? Then, you can download The Martian Pdf novel written by Andy Weir. You will enjoy the real taste of science fiction imagination, suspense, thrill, and adventure while reading the story.

The Martian Review:

Andy Weir begins the story by describing the moment of intense anxiety and worry in the life of an astronaut. The main character of the novel Mark Watney becomes the first person to walk on the planet Mars with his team. But after six days, he loses his team members due to the dust storm.

He is in great trouble. Mark thinks that his crew member may consider that he has died. They can go back to earth. He faces the hardships that he has nothing to call them and guide them about his location. He does not have enough food and energy resources. The conditions of the planet are not human friendly.

But still, in the darkness of despair, he shows great courage and tackles the situation with great bravery. We are not going to spoil the suspense of the story by telling the coming moments here. You have to uncover the remaining tale on your own.

The Martian has received numerous literary awards ITW Thriller Award Nominee for Best First Novel, Audie Award for Science Fiction, ALA Alex Award. It has a marvelous rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. You can download the pdf book from the website easily.

The Martian Pdf

About the Author Andy Weir:

Andrew Taylor Weir is an American novelist. He was born on 16th June in 1972. He also did the job of a journalist and also worked as a computer programmer. His first novel was “The Martian”, which received critical appreciation from the entire world. The filmmaker selected it as a story of his film.

Features of The Martian Pdf Review:

  • The Martian is the first part of the science fiction novel series.
  • The book got published for the first time on 27th September 2012.
  • Then, later on, Crown publishers republished it on 11th February 2014.
  • The book has 384 printed pages.

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