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The Nickel Boys Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

You must have heard many real-life story adaptations in books. However, there are very few that give you chills and leave readers mesmerized. The Nickel Boys is one of those reads for sure. The book is based on the Dozier School’s real-life story, which was shut down following an investigation. If you want to get into reading it right away, download the free The Nickel Boys Pdf copy right now.

The Nickel Boys Review:

The Pulitzer Prize for Fiction judges remarked that this book had achieved greatness by telling an unforgettable tale of redemption and dignity. The experts praised how the author has presented the real face of abuse in a reform college, calling a wonderful take of human perseverance. Of course, THe Nickel Boys won the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction and received worldwide praise from the reviewers.

The Nickel Boys is set in 1960 and is the story of an African-American boy called Elwood Curtis. He is a brilliant student with a great sense of justice. However, he gets sent to a Florida reform after the police catch him riding a stolen vehicle. Elwood tries to serve his sentence the best way he way; however, he gets beaten on a couple of occasions when he tries to help save a boy from sexual assault.

Elwood makes a friend in the facility who has a rather pessimistic view of the world, which is quite different from his opinion. The author Colson Whitehead has described that he wrote these two characters as a contrast of himself since he feels these both feelings quite often. Turner, Elwood’s friend, overhears a conversation in which people are talking about murdering Curtis.

So both friends start making an escape plan, which gets turned into an interesting series of events. This book is one of our top-most recommendations, especially for people who loved reading reality-based fiction stories.

The Nickel Boys Pdf

About the Author Colson Whitehead:

Colson Whitehead is an American Novelist. He has written seven novels in his career so far, including The Nickel Boys, The Underground Railroad, and The Intuitionist. Colson Whitehead has been nominated for several awards and won National Book Award and Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

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