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If you are into self-help books, chances are that you have already read The Secret. It is a timeless classic in the self-help genre that brought a whole new perspective to our lives. However, not many people know that The Secret has a sequel named The Power by the same author. Today, we are introducing you to the sequel and bringing a free copy of The Power Pdf e-book on our site.

The Power Pdf Rhonda Byrne Review:

The law of attraction is a famous philosophy introduced to us by multiple authors in their self-help books. This law states that you attract what you think about all the time whether positive or negative. So if you want to succeed in life, you need to surround yourself with a positive environment. In short, the concepts that the author introduces in The Secret are expanded upon in this sequel.

Law of Attraction is a topic of big discussions in self-help and human psychology circles. The idea of attracting things in your life that are based on your thinking has been around for a while. Some authors have written thousands of books supporting the theory and then are critics who have criticized the fact that it is not as simple as these authors are stating.

However, three books by Rhonda Byrne including The Secret, The Power, and The Magic are among the least disputed ones. It is because the books are based on the real experiences of the author. Instead of bragging about what she might have heard from others, she brings true-to-life examples from her life. This is the stuff that makes this series special.

Just like The Secret, The Power is another well-received book in the genre. However, it is also the most criticized book among the three we have mentioned. If you want to form an opinion and maybe want to learn something from it, we highly suggest that you download The Power Pdf e-book.

The Power Pdf

About the Author Rhonda Byrne:

Rhonda Byrne is an American author of multiple self-help books. She is most known for writing the trilogy containing The Secret, The Power, and The Magic. These books are known for propagating the concept of the law of attraction and have received worldwide recognition. However, the books are also among the heavily criticized books in the self-help genre.

The Power Pdf Features:

  • You can download a free copy of The Power Pdf e-book from our site.
  • This book is a sequel to The Secret, a famous law of attraction-based book.
  • Learn the secrets of wealth, positivity, and happiness from the author.
  • On Goodreads, The Power has an impressive user score of 4.03 out of 5.00.

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