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The Rules Of The Game Pdf
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Written by Neil Strauss, The Rules of the Game is self-help book and a follow-up to author’s earlier work The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists. The book delves into the secret world of men who are expert at the art of seduction, and teaches the techniques of pickup artists. The author in The Rules of the Game breaks down his knowledge on the topic, and puts various techniques in the form of simple and easy-to-understand instructions. At the end of this article, download the free The Rules Of The Game Pdf.

The Rules Of The Game Pdf

The Rules Of The Game Pdf Features:

  • The Rules of the Game was published in 2007
  • It was listed among the top seller books by New York Times.
  • The book was originally released as a 2-volume hardcover set.

The Rules Of The Game Summary

The Rules of the Game is divided into two important sections. Its first volume “The Style Life Challenge” has formulated an instructional program for improving your dating experience. Titled as “The Style Diaries”, the second volume, on the other hand, talks about the quality of the game and includes extra autobiographical narratives which clearly showcase author’s involvement in the “pick-up” society. A third volume “The Routines Collection” was also released many years after the release of original book. The third section has detailed scripts for men helping them have successful interactions with women. Strauss has put step-by-step instructions that can help anyone do well with women. The book reveals that men do not need money, fame or looks to succeed with a woman and all they need is to understand how attraction can work in their particular case.

About the Author

The 48-year-old Neil Darrow Strauss is an American author who is also famous with his pseudonym Chris Powles and Style. He has been applauded for his books in the self-help genre. Strauss has amazing command over the language which he has beautifully utilized in his work.

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