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The Silent Patient Pdf
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Something is thrilling and exciting about psychological thrillers that make them, so fun to read. If you have been looking forward to reading one, we will recommend The Silent Patient. This book is a psychological thriller novel by Alex Michaelides. If you want to get the book for free, download The Silent Patient Pdf at the end of this New York Times No. 1 Bestseller review.

The Silent Patient Pdf Review:

The Silent Patient tells its story through Dr. Theo Faber, who is dealing with a patient. She has murdered her husband and has become mute after doing so. Alicia Berenson is accused of murdering her husband, an event that has left her in shock. She is a famous painter, and since the event has left her in complete shock, she doesn’t seem to speak to anyone after committing the murder.

Dr. Theo Faber is the second main character in the story. He is a forensic psychotherapist and requests to take the case of Alicia Berenson. To learn more about Alicia’s life, he contacts her cousins and comes to know of an incident of her mother’s suicide. While Alicia’s father was in mourning, he would scold her and curse her that she should have been dead instead of her mother.

The Silent Patient became the New York Times No. 1 Bestseller at the time of release. The book received critical acclaim for its strong character, deep narrative, and exciting storytelling that keeps a reader engaged through the experience. Many reviewers have lauded the author for taking care of precision and details in the book.

The Silent Patient Pdf

About the Author Alex Michaelides:

Alex Michaelides is a British novelist. He is known for writing the award-winning The Silent Patient. The novel also topped the charts on its release on New York Times Bestseller list.

The Silent Patient Pdf Features:

  • Read one of the best thriller novels of the year with strong characters
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