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The Testaments Pdf
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Are you looking forward to reading one of the best fiction books ever written? Let us introduce you to The Testament, Margaret Atwood’s sequel to her classic The Handmaid’s Tale. The novel won many awards, including the Goodreads Choice Award for Best Fiction Novel. Get the free The Testaments Pdf free right now from our and start leading the e-book on your laptop or smartphone right away.

The Testaments Review:

The Testaments is a sequel to the award-winning novel the Handmaid’s Tale. The characters from the predecessor, including Aunt Lydia, Agnes, and Daisy, narrates another of the book’s most epic tales. It is such a masterpiece, however, got tied with ‘Girl, Woman, Other’ for the Man Booker Prize in 2019. However, it garnered the Best Fiction Novel in Goodreads Choice Awards.

The book’s story is fascinated and told from the perspective of these different characters in the book, and three are women. So, we get to know the three perspectives for the same story, and it is up to whether which of them we find the most compelling. Lydia is a divorced judge now and is serving a prison sentence in Gilead during its construction.

The other character telling the story is Agnes. She lives in Boston and is the adopted daughter of Commander Kyle and Tabitha. However, Agnes has to go through the suffering of seeing Tabitha’s death, and since both of them were close, it made things difficult for her. After some time, Agnes comes to know the truth about her real parenting and learns that she is a handmaid daughter.

The book received critical acclaim due to the beautiful and well-narrated storyline and powerful characters you start feeling attached to. The Testaments holds a rating of 4.2 out of 5 on Goodreads and is a book that we will certainly recommend to all fictional storytelling fans.

About the Author Margaret Atwood:

Margaret Atwood is a Canadian poet and writer who has a career spanning over six decades. During this time, she has written 18 novels, 18 poetry books, and 11 non-fiction books and won awards for many of them.

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