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To Kill a Kingdom Pdf
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The reason why we love the young adult fiction genre is because of the uniqueness that is always there in its stories. However, even in this genre, there are only a few that have a standalone status, and Alexandria Christo’s To Kill a Kingdom is one of them. Today, we are bringing an overview of the book and also the free To Kill a Kingdom Pdf e-book download.

To Kill a Kingdom Review:

To Kill a Kingdom brings us the story of Princess Lira and Prince Elian who are quite admirable, however, also arrogant and careless at times. Princess Lira, too proud and lethal because of her royalty, ends up losing her royal status. It happens when she ends up killing one of her kind and the queen has no option but to turn her into a human as a punishment.

Banished out of your kingdom and becoming is the worst thing these people can imagine and it has happened to our beloved princess. To gain her royal status back, she has time until the winter solstice. Not just that, the task at hand is also a difficult one since she’ll have to return Prince Elian’s heart to the sea.

Will she be able to complete this one mammoth of a task? Well, to read the complete story of the book, download the To Kill a Kingdom Pdf e-book at the end of this article. Arrogant and often merciless, Lira and Elian are not likable, especially in their careless disregard for life, human or otherwise. However, there’s an appealing prickliness to their confidence, magnified by their quippy dialogue.

To Kill a Kingdom reception is great among both critics and readers. On Goodreads, it has received a user score of 3.85 out of 5.00 and of course, multiple award nominations.

To Kill a Kingdom Pdf

About the Author Alexandra Christo:

Alexandra Christo is a British author whose characters are always funnier and far more deadly than she is. She studied Creative Writing at university and graduated with the desire to never stop letting her imagination run wild. To Kill a Kingdom, Into the Crooked Place, and City of Spells are some of Alexandria Christo’s best books.

To Kill a Kingdom Pdf Features:

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  • The book is rated highly on Goodreads with a user score of 3.85.

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