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The crime rate is increasing day by day. The drastic stories make the soul shiver and give goosebumps to the living persons. Several cases happen in the world but remain away from the observant eye. But the scholarly writers are doing their job well in reporting such cases by their fictional stories and characters. The stories are reality-based, but the characters are fictional. The writers write numerous incredible and breathtaking stories. Are you looking for one of those stories? Don’t worry because we are recommending you a story. You can download Trace PDF if you are willing to read the story on crime fiction and mystery.

Patricia Cornwell writes the story. It is a fantastic crime fiction mysterious story about the character Dr. Kay Scarpetta. Kay is the protagonist character who has to face multiple challenges throughout the story. The author initiates the journey by describing the moment of the return of Dr. Kay Scarpetta to the place where she got rejected five years ago. She came back as a freelancer. She was the new medical chief examiner of Virginia, and her goal was to solve a case. Her lab was about to demolish, and her old lab assistant left her due to personal issues.
The FIA investigating officer was the person who she did not like. The twist in the story came with the murder of fourteen years old girl. Now it was all on the shoulders of Kay to solve the case. There are much suspense, thrill, and drama in the story, and we are not disclosing it here. You have to read the story by yourself. Don’t worry at all because it will not be a waste of time. We assure you that it will be hard for you to take off your eyes until you read the final sentence.

Trace PDF

About Author Patricia Cornwell:

Patricia Cornwell was born on 9th June 1956 in America. She is famous for her crime fiction novels with the famous character of Dr. Kay Scarpetta. There are over 100 million sold copies of her work globally.

Features of Trace PDF:

  • The book was first published on 2nd September 2004 and republished by Berkley on 28th June 2005.
  • The book has 401 black and white pages.
  • It has a rating of 3.8 stars out of 5. The PDF has an easy-to-read font size.

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