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White Tears Pdf
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People who love reading mystery novels mostly feel tired of the orthodox way of mystery-writing and look forward to new plot twists in stories. White Tears by Hari Kunzru is one of those books that truly captures the true sense of thrill and mystery. Coming from one of the best fiction writers, this is a book that you would want to read. For that, click the link at the end and download White Tears Pdf from our site.

White Tears Pdf Review:

White Tears brings us the story of two talented yet troubled musicians who end up joining a dark underworld. This dark underworld of blues record collecting has some mysteries attached to it which will change their lives forever upon discovery. Both of these guys, Seth and Carter, are in their 20s; however, they have opposite personalities, making them unique to the story.

Carter tends to be on the glamorous sides of things and seems like a perfect opportunist who will achieve his American Dream. On the other hand, Seth is a shy and awkward guy who finds it hard to find a place in society. The only thing common between the two is their obsession with music, which keeps them stick together through whatever goes on in their lives.

When you are going through their life in White Tears, things start to change when Seth is met with an unknown singer, records his events, and the turn of events following that are truly incredible. White Tears met with great reception from critics and various publications, calling it one of the year’s best mystery novels.

White Tears Pdf

About the Author Hari Mohan Kunzru:

Hari Mohan Kunzru is a British-Indian author and novelist who is known for his work of fiction. Some of his famous books are White Tears, Gods Without Men, Transmission, and the Impressionist.

White Tears Pdf Features:

Listed below are some of the top features of the book:

  • White Tears brings us one of the most mysterious tales in the world of fiction.
  • One of the best mystery-thriller novels and best books of 2017

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