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A Fine Balance PDF
Written by Shakespeare

You can read the summary and review of the book “A Fine Balance PDF” by Rohinton Mistry and download it in pdf format at the end.

A Fine Balance PDF Review:

If you are into the fiction books then the books we are talking about is going to be the best book for you. There are different types of the fiction books. But this book is a very good and a very different historical fiction book. There are many things making “A Fine Balance” a very different book from all the others. Talking about the main theme of the book, The book we are talking about is going to discuss the persons from the totally different backgrounds. The main story of the book is going to be about the living of the different persons at a place. If we say that the book is telling us about the four different cultures living in the same place and interacting with each other then it will not be wrong.

The book is also a very good book for the history lovers. And for those which are having the interest in reading about the changes in the country as well. The place this book is telling about is India. If you have interest in the history of India then you must have to read this book. From the normal days to the emergency days, The book talks about all the conditions. There are different parts of the book making it very easy and attractive to read.

A Fine Balance PDF

About Author Rohinton Mistry:

The writer of “A Fine Balance” is an Indian-born Canadian writer. Rohinton Mistry is a very good literature writer as well. Not just this but he is also a winner of the different and the big awards as well. Which is more than enough to prove that his work is worthful of reading.

Features of A Fine Balance PDF:

  • English is the original language fo the book.
  • Canada is the original publication place of the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 1995.

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