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A Little Life Pdf
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A Little Life is a novel written by Hanya Yanagihara who is an American novelist from Hawai. She set the true example for ‘better late than never’ with this novel since it was lengthy, however, with the difficult yet right subject matter. If you want to read this book in the e-book format, get the free A Little Life Pdf right now from our website to read one of the best novels written in the 21st century.

A Little Life Review:

The story of the novel focuses on the lives of four friends living in New York City who have remained friends from college to their middle-age. Among the four friends, the center of the story is Jude who is now a lawyer, walks with a limp, has a complex and ambiguous ethnicity, and also has unexplained health issues that his friends have very little knowledge of.

Even though the four friends are quite close to each other, Jude seems to hide a lot about his past, where he comes from and is struggling with his law practice as well. The other friends in the group are JB who is a painter, Malcolm, who is a struggling architect, and an aspiring actor Willam and while they are all struggling, they share a one-bedroom apartment.

The story of the novel follows a chronological pattern and is divided into seven parts with frequent flashbacks of the past in each chapter. The main themes in the book are the relationship between male friends, trauma, recovery, chronic pain, disability, and support.

The book received critical reception and received positive reviews from major publications like The Wall Street Journal, The Atlantic, and The New Yorker.

A Little Life Pdf

About the Author:

An American novelist and editor, Hanya Yanagihara is known for her novel ‘A Little Life’. She was born and raised in Hawai, USA.

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