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Another Brooklyn Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

The cities we grow to have a special place in our hearts regardless of people’s opinion about the place. Another Brooklyn is one of those novels which brings us the story of August and her memories in her city of Brooklyn. It is this place where she grew up with her friends and all of the talented and beautiful, hoping for a promising future. You can download Another Brooklyn Pdf at the end of this review.

Another Brooklyn Pdf Review:

Another Brooklyn is a novel about the city of Brooklyn and our protagonist August living here with her friends and family. All girls in her friend circle are beautiful and talented and all of them wish to have a secure and wealthy future like any young people in any city. However, no matter what we think and decide, life has its own plans and so life does not turn out to be the same for everyone.

Even though they thought of their city as a beautiful place of wonders and dreams, there is a dark side to it as well. The city of Brooklyn has another side which is dangerous for young girls since dangerous men are reaching out for them and many girls have lost their mothers who disappeared without a trace. Madness in this city is a part of their normal lives.

The story starts with August, an adult anthropologist, returning to New York to bury her father. On the subway, she encounters an old friend and begins to reminisce. She remembers being an 8-year-old girl moving with her father and younger brother to Brooklyn from Tennessee after the death of her mother.

Another Brooklyn is just a brilliant novel that brings a beautiful contrast between the light and dark parts of life together. While it brings so much hope and happiness, the novel also brings us closer to the realities of the world where everything is not easy and normal.

Another Brooklyn Pdf

About the Author Jacqueline Woodson:

Jacqueline Woodson is an American writer. She mostly writes for children and adolescents. Woodson is known for writing Another Brooklyn, Miracle’s Boys, Brown Girl Dreaming, and After Tupac and D Foster. She got nominated for many book awards and won a few of them.

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  • A short yet complex story that will keep you intrigued the whole time.

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