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Daddy-Long-Legs Pdf
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Imagine you would love to be educated but you can’t afford it and some mysterious man comes to your future’s rescue? Well, it seems a bit unheard of in real life, however, this exact premise made Jean Webster’s Daddy-Long-Legs a masterpiece. Today, we look forward to reviewing the book and also bring you guys the free Daddy-Long-Legs Pdf at the end.

Daddy-Long-Legs Review:

Daddy-Long-Legs brings us the story of Jerusha Abbott. She is an eighteen-year-old girl who has spent her entire life in an orphanage. While living in an orphanage, she is still an innocent who dreams of getting an education, however, there doesn’t seem any hope for it. But one day her life changes when a mysterious man contacts her through a letter and takes responsibility for her college education.

Well, this seems impossible but since it is happening for Jerusha eventually, she just can’t believe it. Anyway, she starts going to college but we can share Ms. Abbott’s curiosity about the identity of this angel-like man. Well, she stays in contact with him through letters but the real mystery is in that man never revealing his identity.

As for other children in the orphanage, they were completely dependent on charity and had to wear other people’s cast-off clothes. Jerusha’s unusual first name was selected by the matron from a gravestone (she hates it and uses “Judy” instead), while her surname was selected out of the phone book.

Even though this is a century-old novel, some people might not have read it yet. So to read the complete story, we will encourage you to download the Daddy-Long-Legs Pdf e-book from our site. Daddy-Long-Legs still receives great reviews and has a huge fan base around the world.

Daddy-Long-Legs Pdf

About the Author Jean Webster:

Jean Webster was an American 20th-century author and writer. She authored many books including a masterpiece like Daddy-Long-Legs. Dear Enemy is another of her great works. Her stories revolved around empowering women by portraying them as likable, intellectual, and having great morals.

Daddy-Long-Legs Pdf Features:

  • Daddy-Long-Legs Pdf is one of the 20th century’s best epistolary novels.
  • This is one of Jean Webster’s masterpieces alongside Dear Enemy.
  • In the modern age, this is still one of the best-received books by readers.
  • This epistolary book has a Goodreads user score of 4.15 out of 5.00.

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