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Dark Places Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

In developed or developing countries, some societies target women. The women face the cruelties of people because of various reasons. On such a sensitive issue, the American novelist raised her voice. She wrote a book on criminal activities because of illiteracy and nonsense myths. To read the book, you can download the Dark Places Pdf written by Gillian Flynn.

Dark Places Review:

The story has a tragic and intense start. The protagonist with her mother and sister is murdered to Satan Sacrifice in Kinnakee, Kansas. It is the old myth in illiterate societies that the blood of females can protect them from the curse of the devil.

Somehow, a miracle happens, and the protagonist survives. She knows that his brother is behind the murder of her mother and sister. After 25 years, a gang of criminals find the main character Libby and ask her for the details of the murder. They want the proof to release the murderer from prison.

There is a lot of suspense and thrill in the story with suspense. We are leaving the story here. You have to complete it by yourself. Don’t worry about the quality of the book. It has a reader’s response of 3.93 stars out of 5.

The Dark Places has won the literary award Black Quill Award for Dark Genre Novel of the Year, IWA Ian Fleming Steel Dagger Nominee.

About the Author Gillian Flynn:

Gillian Schieber Flynn was born in Kansas City, America on 24th February 1971. She is the writer of three famous novels. After her graduation, she associated with the field of journalism and writing. Flynn’s field of interest in literature is the tortures on females and criminal acts. She has also written comics and screenplays.

Features of the Dark Places Pdf:

  • The book got published on 5th May in 2009 by Shaye Areheart Books.
  • The book has 349 black and white pages.
  • You can download the pdf book from the website.

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