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Digital Minimalism Pdf
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Consumerism and a lot of it, to be honest, is the one of major reasons behind this post-modern stress. Most people tend to buy things that they don’t need for the most part increasing while succumbing to the monster of credit. Cal Newport brings the counter-philosophy to overcome this problem in his book Digital Minimalism. Download the free Digital Minimalism Pdf after this brief review of the book.

Digital Minimalism Pdf Review:

There have been a lot of YouTubers and other internet influencers talking about minimalism lately. While this certainly needs to be applied in our daily lives, we need to achieve that digitally as well. Our social media use and digital presence are even more than our real lives, leading to most people’s dissatisfaction with life. Now, where is the solution? Read Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism to find out.

In this gem of a book, the author tries to illustrate how simplifying things and staying focused can help us achieve big things. One of the reasons why we can’t stay focused is because of the notification sounds ringing all the time. To be creative, one has to stay focused and it is not possible with so many distractions.

In the author’s own words, Digital minimalists are all around us. They’re the calm, happy people who can hold long conversations without furtive glances at their phones. They can get lost in a good book, a woodworking project, or a leisurely morning run. They can have fun with friends and family without the obsessive urge to document the experience.

If you have been feeling frustrated lately because of all this, Digital Minimalism is a recommended read. This book has earned a good bit of reputation in the reading circles. On Goodreads, the book has a user score of 4.06 which is quite impressive. For a complete and free read, download Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism Pdf e-book from our website.

Digital Minimalism Pdf

About the Author Cal Newport:

Cal Newport is an American influencer and self-help author best known for writing Digital Minimalism. His book became the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Amazon bestseller. Cal Newport has also given several talks about the topic he has managed to describe so well in his book.

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  • A New York Times, Amazon, and Wall Street Journal bestseller book.

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