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2666 PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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2666 Review:

Talking about the favorite genre of the books. Fiction is the first genre which comes to the mind. And some fiction books are so interesting that they literally take you inside the story of the book. The one we are talking about i.e. 2666 is surely one of those books. And when the fiction genre meets then novel genre then the book simply becomes irresistible. If you are a fan of the literature and the fiction then this is the book you were looking for. Not only this but the author and the subject of the book are some more things to make the book one of the most important books to read as well.

The book we are talking about discusses murders of women in Santa Teresa. And the place we are talking about is also known as one of the most violent cities as well. The book got so much praise and became so much famous just after a short time of its release that it became one of the most award winner books of the year as well. And If you are interested in the plays then you are going to find some very good and interesting plays based on the same book. One of the most important things to talk about this book is that it was released after the death of the author.

2666 PDF

About Author Roberto Bolano Avalos:

The writer of “2666” is a Chilean author. Roberto Bolaño Ávalos is not only a simple writer but a very well known essayist and the poet of his time as well. And a winner of the many good awards due to his awesome and a very different work as well.

Features of 2666 PDF:

  • Spanish is the original language of this book.
  • Spain is the original publication place of the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 2004.

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