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A Man Called Ove pdf
Written by Shakespeare

A Man Called Ove is a novel written by Fredrik Backman in 2012. It was translated in English in 2013. Here is a short review, summary and features of A Man Called Ove pdf.

A Man Called Ove pdf

A Man Called Ove pdf Review:

A Man Called Ove is a book with quite an interesting plot of a grumpy old man. His life changes when his new neighbors move next to his house. The novel became a best seller in author’s native country Sweden, as well as internationally after its translation. It has remained on New York Times’ best seller list for 42 weeks. It was also made into a drama and a film.

About Author Fredrik Backman:

Fredrick Backman is a Swedish novelist, blogger and columnist. He is writer of three novels, all of which are best sellers in his country. His book A Man Called Ove’s English translation is also among best sellers.

A Man Called Ove Summary pdf:

This novel is a story of an old man Ove who is a curmudgeon of neighborhood. Nobody around likes this grumpy old man very much. But one day a young couple along with two daughters come next to the house of Ove and change everything. The novel describes the story of Ove and the change that the new neighborhood family brings in his life.

Features of A Man Called Ove pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • A very interesting story which is best seller in both its native country as well as internationally.
  • Stayed on New York Times’ Best Sellers for 42 weeks.
  • It has also been made into a stage drama and film.

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