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CHERUB: The Recruit PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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CHERUB: The Recruit Review:

If you like the thriller genre then you are at the right place. The book we are talking about is one of the best books in the thriller genre. CHERUB: The Recruit is not only covering the thriller genre but it also covers the fiction, spy fiction, and the children literature as well. The book we are talking about is basically a part of the series as well. The series is known as “CHERUB”. CHERUB: The Recruit is also a winner of many of the good awards as well which is the proof of the awesomeness of the book.

Talking about the main theme and the main story of the book, it is going to tell us about an eleven-year-old kid known as James Choke. The story starts from the science class he is attending in his school. He becomes angry for being disturbed by a girl in his class. The name of this girl is Samantha Jennings. And due to this anger, he slashes her face with a nail on the wall. After this event, he starts running due to the fear. And runs over his teacher in all this even as well. This event results in the expelling from the school. There is a very good graphic novel based on the story of the book and there is an audio-book for this book as well.

CHERUB: The Recruit PDF

About Author Robert Muchamore:

The writer of “CHERUB: The Recruit” is an English author. Robert Muchamore is a well-known author of the spy, thriller and the adventure genre as well. The book we are talking about is known as the best book of his life as well.

Features of CHERUB: The Recruit PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United Kingdom is the original publication place of the book.
  • There are 342 pages of this book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 2004.

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