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Death on the Nile
Written by Shakespeare

Death on the Nile is one of the best and most illustrious crime fictions novels written by Agatha Christie. The novels is an extensive mystery of love, jealously and disloyalty. The author drew inspiration to write Death on the Nile during her stay in Egypt where she picked up geographical and historical details about the country. At the end of this article, download Death on the Nile Pdf free.

Death on the Nile

Death on the Nile Pdf Features

  • Death on the Nile was published in 1937 by Collins Crime Club and had 288 pages in its first edition.
  • The popularity of the novel was adapted into a successful film released in 1978.
  • The novel has also been adapted into a hidden PC game.

Death on the Nile Summary

The story of Death on the Nile encircles around the mystery behind the murder of Linnet Ridgeway who was shot through the head. The brutality of this murder played the key role in shattering the stillness of a cruise along the Nile River. Linnet was a young, beautiful and stylish girl who had everything people dream to get in their life. The story begins with the introductions of different characters and then moves to the point where the Linnet sets off the cruise with her husband Simon Doyle. The story reveals how Simon married to Linnet just to get her money, and he was the one who shot her in her room on the cruise. Containing 31 chapters, Death on the Nile keeps the readers engaged with the interesting sequences of the story until the end.

About the Author

The English writer, Agatha Christie is known the best selling fiction author of all times. She is undeniably the master of writing crime based novels and short-stories. She also wrote many plays during her career that spanned over half a century.

Download Death on the Nile Pdf Free.

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