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Pygmalion pdf
Written by Shakespeare

The book we are talking about is written by the renowned writer of the history. We are talking about the one and only ” George Bernard Shaw”. He has a very good name when it comes to the drama and the plays. This book is basically a play written by him. The main theme and the main story of the book is about a myth. This myth is a part of the ancient Greek mythology as well. According to the myth, Pygmalion falls in love with one of his sculptures. Not just this but then the sculpture comes to life as well. And if we talk about the Victorian Era of the books and the plays then we can say that this myth was one of the most used ideas and subjects at that time.

There is a big list of the adoptions of Shaw’s work. Including the T.V shows, plays, serials and the movies as well. And this play was also adapted to make all these things mentioned earlier. The characters in this book are some of the most interesting and amazing characters of all the time. There are five main acts of this play.

Pygmalion pdf

About Author George Bernard Shaw:

The writer of the book “Pygmalion” is the greatest writer of his time. He was an Irish national. And he was not just a great writer but he was a great influence on the theaters and on the culture as well. His work includes different genres like the plays, critic writing and he was a very good political activist as well.

Pygmalion Summary:

There are many other books and plays but this one is far above from all the others. This book takes the social criticism and the comedy to a very new level. There is a strong touch of the romance in this book as well.

Features of Pygmalion pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • The first premier of the play took place in Hofburg Theatre, Vienna, Austria.
  • The date of the premiere of the play is 16th October 1913.
  • Professor Henry Higgins, Colonel Pickering, and the Eliza Doolittle are some of the main characters of this play.

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