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Dubliners pdf
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The Dubliners is a collection of short stories by James Joyce published in 1914. It consists of 15 short stories. The stories depict life of middle-class Irish citizen around Dublin in the start of 20th century. Here is a short review of Dubliners pdf.

Dubliners pdf

Dubliners pdf Review:

The stories of Dubliners were written at the time when Irish Nationalism was on it’s peak with various influences and ideas prevailing. Joyce centred these on his idea of epiphany. Joyce uses simplicity as well as close details to create a realistic setting of plot. Many characters from stories of Dubliners also appear later in Joyce’s novel Ulysses in minor roles. The stories are adopted in theatre, radio and movies.

About Author

James Augustine Aloysius Joyce pen name James Joyce was an Irish novelist as well as a poet. He is considered as one of the most influential writers of 20th century and contributed to the avant-garde of modernism.

Dubliners Summary:

Initially, the stories in collection are narrations by child protagonists. As the book progresses, they deal with the lives of older people. The collection displays an overall plan. This is in line with tripartite division of Joyce’s stories into childhood, adolescence and maturity. Joyce also laid great emphasis on specific geographical details of Dublin, which anyone familiar with the city can relate to.

Features of Dubliners pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • Collection of 15 short stories written by James Joyce.
  • Also giving a peek into 20th century Dublin at the rise of Irish Nationalism.
  • It is written in tripartite divisions featuring stories of childhood, adolescence as well as maturity.

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