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Download Three Men in a Boat pdf

Three Men in a Boat pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Three Men in a Boat is a fictionalized humorous travel account of two week boating holiday on river Thames written by Jerome K. Jerome. It was published in 1889. Its sequel published in 1900 named as Three Men on the Bummel, also known as Three Men on Wheels. Here is a short review of Three Men in a Boat pdf.

Three Men in a Boat pdf

Three Men in a Boat pdf

Three Men in a Boat pdf Review:

The book was initially supposed to act as a serious travel guide which also included accounts of the local history of places traveled. But the humorous parts took over the serious passages of the book due to which it became famous as a comic novel. The book was acclaimed by the readers and was therefore a huge selling title.

About Author

Jerome Klapka Jerome, pen name Jerome K. Jerome, was an English humorist and writer. He wrote multiple novels as well as essays. The most important among them being Three Men in a Boat.

Three Men in a Boat Summary:

The story is a river trip of Jerome with two of his real life friends and a dog which is completely fictional. Jerome often took boat trips with his friends, George and Carl, and thus included them in his travel guide. It was written after the late 19th century’s craze of boating as a leisure activity in England. A few years after the commercial boat traffic in Thames was dying out.

Features of Three Men in a Boat pdf:

Here are some of the features of this book:

  • Three Men in a Boat is the important work of Jerome K. Jerome.
  • It is also one the best classic humorous novels that is relevant in all times.
  • A lively and interesting story of boating as well as description of local history around Thames river.

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