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The book we are talking about is one of the most interesting books in the category of the science fiction books. “VALIS” is the part of a series. An incomplete series which is still incomplete due to the death of the author. It is basically the first part of the series. The story in this book deals with the Earth and space as well as with the aliens as well. Also, this book discusses the life of the earth and life on the earth as well. The people or the characters in the book are having some theories as well. According to their theory, There is an orbit around the earth. And aliens are living in that orbit as well. Not just this but the earth and the presence of the earth are just helping them to complete their work. Or finish their quest successfully.

This book is also known as the very good book on the subject of the philosophy. And also considered as one of the best postmodern books as well.

About Author Philip Kindred Dick:

The writer of the book “VALIS” is known as one of the best writers on the subject of postmodernism. Philip Kindred Dick is an American writer. Not just a writer but a very well known short story writer, novelist and the essayist as well. His works not just end here, but he has done a very good job in the social and the political writings as well. There is a big list of the awards won by the author. And there is an award for his name as well. Which is a proof that he was an amazing person in his life.


Features of VALIS PDF:

  • English is the original language of this book.
  • The United States is the publication place of this book.
  • The publication year of the book is 1981.
  • There are 271 pages of this book.

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