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Science fiction always caught the sight of many people. The imaginative world in which many people live in their thoughts where everything is according to their desire. To read the complete fascinating story, you can download Dune Pdf.

Frank Herbert has written the story of a strange planet where there are only dunes. The conditions, the culture, and the people of that planet are entirely different. The drama in the stories comes at the point when someone betrays the protagonist’s family. The main character has to take some steps to regain the things which he has lost.

Dune Pdf Review:

It is a science fiction novel by the novelist, Frank Herbert. The story is about a strange planet with dunes all around. The author named that planet Arrakis. There lived a noble family of Paul Atreides. The family had the task to rule the people who were living an unhospitable life.

The author described the culture of the planet by mentioning the unique spice. According to the writer, it had a unique significance in that world. It had the worth that someone can give it as the price of killing someone. It acts as an elixir that can enhance the life span of the person.

The story took a turn when the family was betrayed and lead to destruction. At that moment, the protagonist decided to take some steps towards a greater task. We are not going to tell the story here to keep the suspense for you. You can download the Dune pdf e-book for free on this page. The novel has a rating of 4.2 stars out of 5.

Dune Pdf

About the Author Frank Herbert:

Frank Herbert was an American science-fiction novelist. He became famous for his novel “Dune” and its sequel. Frank worked as a journalist and a photographer. He wrote on the topics of human evolution and planetary science and technology.

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