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Factotum Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

In the ups and downs of life, there came moments when a person is unable to see light. He enters a dark tunnel that has no end. But he has to keep going on this way for his bread and butter. The path adopted by a person changes his entire personality. If you want to read a story with a classical fiction historical background, then you can download the Factotum Pdf written by Charles Bukowski.

Factotum Review:

The author describes the story of a writer named Henry Chinaski. Chinaski is wandering here and there in search of work. It is the World War II era in America, and hence the financial conditions are not well.

He travels from one city to another city t find a job and to earn some money. It is difficult for a jobless person, suspended from the military, to find a job in such harsh financial conditions to run the expenses.

He starts losing his personality in the isolated rooms. He becomes an addict to alcohol and remains unconscious for the whole day. There is a moral lesson in the story and a lot of emotions. You can read the story by downloading it. We are not going to raise the curtain from it anymore.

Factotum Pdf

About the Author Charles Bukowski:

Henry Charles Bukowski was born in Germany. He was a well-known German poet, short story writer, and novelist. His writing includes social issues. He raised the voice of a person through his books. He also targeted drugs, relationships with women, writing acts, alcohol, and the uncivilized lifestyle of Americans. Bukowski has written numerous poems and many short stories. People usually criticize him due to his writings against rulers and relationships with women.

Features of Factotum Pdf:

  • This book got published in 1975. On 31st May 2002, Ecco Publishers Republished it.
  • There are 208 black and white pages of this story.
  • This book has a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5.
  • You can download this book from the website. It has easy to read font size.

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