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Give Me Your Hand Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

The competition starting in high-school and then continue to live on even when people have reached the highest of places is a good premise for a fiction book. However, while the execution is difficult for such an idea, Give Me Your Hand is a book that perfectly does it. If you want to start reading the book, Get Give Me Your Hand Pdf right now from our website and have fun.

Give me Your Hand Pdf Review:

Give Me Your Hand brings us the story of Kit Owens and Diane Fleming. Kit Owens is a high-school student and is pretty brilliant at her studies. However, things start changing when Diane Fleming joins her chemistry class. Kit Owens is amazed at how good Fleming is at her studies, and being impressed with her academic prowess, she becomes friends with her within no time.

The thing about life is that things seem to go perfectly until something very different happens that changes everything. The same thing happened to their friendship when Diane told Kit a secret that changed their life. However, the time passes on, and they both become graduated, and for a decade, both friends do not get in contact, which makes Kit wonder whether Diane has forgotten about her.

However, while she is pursuing all her life dreams that her friend awakened in her during their college years and working hard for them, the past comes back to her. What happens is that Kit Owens is working on research that could be career-changing for her; however, she comes to know that her long-lost friend is her competition.

Give Me Your Hand is a pretty decent story, which is not one of the best novels of 2018, but it certainly gets the job done to bring an intriguing and mysterious story that will keep you hooked. The book is rated 3.3 out of 5 on Goodreads and received critical praise for its gripping storyline.

Give Me Your Hand Pdf

About the Author Megan Abbott:

Megan Abbott is an American author known for writing Give Me Your Hand and has won awards for her novel Die a Little. She has also won the Edgar Award for The Fever, You Will Know Me, The End of Everything, and Bury Me Deep.

Give Me Your Hand Pdf Features:

  • Give Me Your Hand brings a gripping tale of two friends who end up competing with each other
  • The Pdf e-book for the novel is available for free download with high-quality fonts.

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