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Lord of the Flies Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Imagine that you discover a place by accident. At first, you will feel happy, but later on, the terror of survival will start lowering your will power. Do you have an interest in reading the literature on survival and adventure? If yes, then you can download Lord of the Flies Pdf written by William Golding.

Lord of the Flies Pdf Review:

The author describes the era of a dystopian society. The world is at the edge of destruction, and a world war is going to start. Meanwhile, a group of college boys is traveling by air. But the plane faces an accident, and it crashes on an unexplored island. There is no human on the island. The boys consider it an opportunity to live life freely without any tension and anxiety of life.

But the horror part begins when the sunlight starts dimming and the true shades of the night start appearing. The howls of hounds and tiny reptiles crawling on the ground make them fear. They are fearful of their death but cannot do anything. There are many thrills, suspense, and horror fiction in the story.

We are not disclosing it here. You have to read it by yourself. Don’t worry about the rating of the book. It has a high reader’s feedback of 4.6 stars out of 5. It will be hard for you to take off your eyes from the book until you read the last sentence.

Lord of the Flies Pdf

About the Author William Golding:

Sir William Gerard Golding was born in England on 19th September 1911 and passed away on 19th June 1993. Golding was a novelist, playwriter, and poet. He is famous for his debut novel Lord of the Flies.

Features of Lord of the Flies Pdf:

  • The book got published for the first time on 17th September 1954 and republished on 1st October 1999 by Penguin Books.
  • The book constitutes 182 pages.
  • You can download the PDF book from this website.

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