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Master of the Game PDF
Written by Shakespeare

Download Master of the Game PDF ebook at the end via the download button but first read our review of Master of the Game and its summary and features.

The book we are talking about is having one of the biggest stories of all the time. The story in this book actually discusses about the four generations of a family. And the novel is not a normal novel but a very good one. If we say that it was the best novel of its time then it will not be wrong. It was on the “New York Times Best Seller List” for straight four weeks. Not just on the list but it was in the first position as well. Which is itself a proof of its amazingness. Master of the Game is mainly about a family known as The Blackwell family.

Not just the family but there is a main character which is a girl in this novel. Kate Blackwell is the girl we are talking about. And this is her nineteenth birthday party where she gathers all the family members at a place. Especially the owner of a very big multinational company “Kruger-Brent Ltd” as well.

Master of the Game PDF

About Author Sidney Sheldon:

The writer of “Master of the Game” is an American writer. Not just the writer but he is a very good and well-known producer as well. His work in the field of the comedy is also a great work. This is the reason for his big list of the awards. His work was not just limited to the writings, but he worked on the television as well. His general works are based on the thriller and the crime genre.

Features of Master of the Game PDF:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The United States is the original publishing place of the book.
  • “Warner Books” are the publishers of the book.
  • The publication year of the book is 1982.

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