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My Review:

This story was about a mother and her child and a man who lost his mind. The story is full of suspense and thrill readers will enjoy the moment of thrill and suspense if you are a reader of crime-based books then go for it. In the early stage understand what the connection between a man and a child is to clear those who want to know then you should read to complete the book. a man who lived a life in arms and do many things in life but after retirement, he lose his sense and he will spend all his days backward and anxious. People think he will be not a normal guy anymore but this, is not true people just make opinions about seeing his condition and act like he was not a harmful man and he never hurt anybody but what actually happened just writer known and writer reveals many things about in this book.

Mother and son do not have any connection to this man they lived their own life all things going in a good way but one day his son was missing she finds everywhere but she can’t address him so she thinks her son was kidnapped she do a report but she was thinking who is doing and she did not receive any call or message for money so who is the kidnapper of her son and why they kidnapped a story was full of suspense and thrill if you want to know what she does next she catch the kidnapper or her loss hope many questions are created at this stage. Click on the download button and get all of your answers about this book.

Mine PDF

About Author Robert McCammon:

Robert McCammon was born on July 17, 1952 (age 70 years), in Birmingham, Alabama, United States. get early and final degrees both in the United States. Robert McCammon is a basically American-based writer of many prominent and clever books and novels. Write a large number of books more than 139 books were published by Robert. Win many notable awards his book get a record-break to sell listed more than 6 months on a bestseller list. He was considered in top horror writer in the 19th century. People love to read his work. a very prominent and clever personality in the writing industry.

Features of Mine PDF:

The following is the basic information about the Mine PDF

  • The writer of this book is Robert McCammon
  • English is the original language of the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is May 1, 1991, by Pocket Books
  • The book relates these genres Horror, Thriller, Fiction, Suspense, Mystery, Crime, Mystery Thriller,
  • There are 496 pages in the book.
  • Readers enjoy reading this book.

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