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Night Boat to Tangier Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Finding good fiction books that we can relate to has become a challenging feat. It is quite often that we read interesting stories; however, they are either too shallow or unrealistic that can’t relate to them. Night Boat in Tangier by Kevin Barry is one of those books you will love for its prose. If you want to get a free copy of the book, download Night Boat to Tangier Pdf right now at the end of this review.

Night Boat to Tangier Review:

Night Boat to Tangier is a unique novel that follows a 24-hour timeline to wrap up its entire story, which is quite fascinating. It has very few but strong characters. It is the unique ability of Kevin Barry to narrate the story between the lines building a strong narrative over a fairly average premise. This book brings us the story of two gangsters on the verge of their downfall and is looking for redemption.

Maurine Hearne and Charlie Redmond are two declining gangsters who have pulled a lot of crime jobs together. However, now on the verge of their decline, they look forward to redemption. The story sets them up, waiting for Dilly, who is missing. She is Maurice’s daughter, and he hopes to find her on a passing boat from Tangier.

Whether or not he will find his daughter and walk a straight path to redemption, this novel’s complexities are the stuff you are looking to read. Night Boat to Tangier’s reception has been incredible. For instance, Publishers Weekly praised the precision and lyrical abilities of the author Kevin Barry, calling him a first-rate author.

Another of the reviews from The Guardian praised the author’s sensibility and how beautifully he separates different feelings such as humor, terror, and beauty. The books hold a rating of 3.7 on Goodreads and are one of our top fiction recommendations from last year.

About the Author Kevin Barry:

Kevin Barry is an Irish author who has written a few couples and short story collections for which he received critical reception. He has received International Dublin Literary Award for his book, the City of Bohane.

Night Boat to Tangier Pdf Features:

  • A simple yet beautiful story of two declining gangsters and their redemption
  • The book received critical reception for its premise and storytelling
  • Night Boat to Tangier was also among the Booker Prize 2019 listings

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