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Nimona Pdf
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Being someone who is into webcomics, you would be looking forward to reading something and classy. Today, we are introducing our webcomic fans to Nomina, a webcomic written by Noelle Stevenson. The webcomic was about to be adapted for a feature film as well, however, it was canceled recently. We are now bringing an overview of the book and the free Nimona Pdf e-book download at the end.

Nimona Pdf Review:

Nimona’s reception has been amazing and that’s what we would like to about it first. It is one of the best-received webcomics of all time, winning the Eisner Award, Cartoonist Prize Award, and also Cybils Award. Disney bought the writes for the webcomic and was about to adapt it for a film. However, since Disney had to shut down Blue Sky, this project got grounded as well.

Having talked about the reception, let us now bring an overview of the setting and plot. When it comes to its world, Nimona is set in a mix of futuristic and medieval settings that also have a mix of magic and mad science. As for the title character Nimona, she is a shapeshifter. The events of the story begin when Nimona decides to break into Ballister’s lair and becomes her apprentice.

There is a huge difference between the personalities of the master and apprentice. Where Ballister is a wise mastermind who follows a certain code and avoids killing, Nimona is the exact opposite of her master. She is needlessly violent and anything that can be done without causing chaos, she’d create mayhem in that situation.

To read the full story of Nimona, download the Nimona Pdf e-book right now from our website. Nimona has an impressive Goodreads user score of 4.12 out of 5.00.

Nimona Pdf

About the Author Noella Stevenson:

Noella Stevenson is an American animation producer and cartoonist. She works as the showrunner and creator of the She-Ra and the Princess of Power series. Besides being well-known for this series, Noelle is most known for creating Nimona, a famous webcomic series. She is the recipient of multiple awards including the Eisner and Emmy.

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  • You can download the free Nimona Pdf e-book from our website.
  • We are bringing you the story of the adventure of Nimona.
  • Nimona has scored highly on Goodreads with a 4.12 rating.

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