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Normal People Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

Life is much complex when we reach our teenage or youth. We are maturing and forming complex friendships and relationships at the same time that can leave us baffled. Normal People by Sally Rooney is a book that portrays this weird maze of teenage relationships and friendships like no other piece of literature in the 21st century has done. To get the free Normal People Pdf, scroll down to the end of this review.

Normal People Review:

In the main storyline, the complexity of relationships that we mentioned in the intro is portrayed beautifully through the lives of Connell and Marianne who are two teenagers and have formed friendship overtime during their time in secondary school and then in college as well. One of them is an intelligent and popular student, Connell, while the other, Marianne, is an infamous yet intelligent girl.

Due to the difference in their status, especially because Marianne’s mother hires Connell’s mom as her cleaner, he tries to hide the relationship from people out of embarrassment. However, things get further complex when both start studying in Trinity College Dublin and while Marianne is brighter than ever in her persona, Connell is struggling with his life.

Still, they form an intense bond that will lead to a series of events that a reader might never forget after being done with this beautiful novel. Normal People also got adapted for a critically acclaimed TV series by Hulu. It became the New York Times Best Seller in 2018 selling over 60k copies during the first four months of publishing.

Normal People Pdf

About the Author:

Sally Rooney is an Irish screenwriter and novelist who is famous for her two novels i.e. Normal People and her first ‘Conversation with Friends’.

Normal People Pdf Features:

  • The novel brings a beautiful story of teenage relationships and their complexities
  • The Pdf has been taken from the original hardcover with high-quality readable fonts

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