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Our Mutual Friend PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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Our Mutual Friend Review:

The unfair and unjust society is not for the poor person. The poor have to struggle to breathe, and everything in the community belongs to the wealthy owner. There is only one way to bring the person who is living hand to mouth at a high level is the fortune factor. And this is not from now! People are following this trend since the human race has started. Are you looking for something related to this topic? Then you can read Our Mutual Friend PDF written by Charles Dickens.

The story begins when the author criticizes that all the wealthy and affluent people are dominating society. The poor have no place, value, and respect in society. But one day, the old gold dustman dies, and the fortune of the poor clerk supports him, and he becomes the new gold dustman of the city.
Dickens describes the time of the 19th century when the rich are looking for the chance to crush the poor. They have injected the virus of corruption into the veins of society for their hold and illegal tasks. There is a beautiful critical approach used in this novel. We are not describing everything here. You have to read it by yourself.

Our Mutual Friend PDF

About the Author Charles Dickens:

The full name of Charles Dickens is Charles John Huffam Dickens. He was a British critic writer who targeted the social flaws and ill principles of the 19th century. Dickens was born on 12th February in 1812 and died on 9th June in 1970. Dickens wrote around five novels and numerous short stories despite his incomplete education. He is still living in the hearts of millions of people who love to read his books and stories in their precious time. In short, we can say that he is the king of scholarly work of critical writing on social issues.

Features of Our Mutual Friend PDF:

  • Our Mutual Friend has a high rating of 4.08 stars out of 5.
  • The book was first published in November 1865 and republished on 10th September 2002 by Modern Library.
  • The book has 801 black and white pages.
  • Our Mutual Friend PDF has easy to read font size.

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