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Phantoms in the Brain PDF
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Phantoms in the Brain Review:

Human mind is one of the most complex things in the universe and studying a lot about the brain is not going to be enough for any of the neurology related persons or the medical students. There are a lot of the books you are going to find in the market all about the brain and working of the brain, but some of the books are having their own level and their own importance among all of the books. The one we are talking about is without any doubt one of these interesting and the amazing books. As the name of the book is saying that it is going to tell us all about the mysteries of the human mind, so you are going to find a lot about the problems and the changes in the behaviors of the brain under certain conditions in the book. A lot of the subjects are covered in the book and some of the major subjects you are going to find in the book are neurophysiology, neuropsychology, neurological disorder, and the philosophy of mind as well.

A lot of the cases and a lot of the events are there in the book waiting for you to read them and get a good insight about these issues. From the seizures to the disorders, you are going to have all of these things in the book for sure.

Phantoms in the Brain PDF

About Authors Sandra Blakeslee and V. S. Ramachandran:

The authors of the book are American and the Indian authors respectively. Both of the authors are having a very god name in the field of the brain related sciences and they are known for the book we are talking about.

Features of Phantoms in the Brain: Probing the Mysteries of the Human Mind pdf:

  • English is the original language of the book.
  • There are 352 pages in the book.
  • The United States is the original publication place of the book.
  • The original publication year of the book is 1998.

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