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Predictably Irrational Pdf
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It doesn’t matter who you meet in your everyday life, everyone claims to be perfectly rational in their approach. However, according to the author Dan Ariely of Predictably Irrational, based on extensive research on society, these are just claims. Well, there is a case to be made and defend in Predictably Irrational. Download the Predictably Irrational Pdf e-book at the end of this brief review for a free read.

Predictably Irrational Review:

Predictably Irrational: The Hidden Forces That Shape Our Decision is the complete title of the book. The author makes the case about us being irrational while claiming to be rational with various examples. According to him, when it comes to making our life decision, we are not really in control while thinking that we are. We SEEM to think that we are making rational and wise choices, but are we?

To make his case, the author gives different examples in the book. For example, he states that how we now pay for a $5 coffee while back then it was less than a dollar. If we happen to be on an unlimited buffet, we tend to eat more than what we need. In short, in our daily lives, we humans take most decisions based on our emotions and likes instead of having a rational approach.

Instead of being rational and realistic, our decisions in life are affected by social norms, society, emotions, and whatnot. However, if you want to succeed in life and make decisions that you wouldn’t regret, it is time to change this approach. The author’s extensive knowledge and research on all areas in this book are praiseworthy and that’s why we recommend this book to our readers.

If you want to read this book for free, download the Predictably Irrational Pdf e-book right now from our site. Predictably Irrational has a Goodreads user score of 4.11 which is quite impressive.

Predictably Irrational Pdf

About the Author Dan Ariely:

Dan Ariely is an Israeli-American author and professor of behavioral psychology. He is known for his extensive research in the field which is perfectly reflected in his books such as Predictably Irrational. This book is one of his masterpieces and helps us understand multiple facts that we seem to ignore in life.

Predictably Irrational Pdf Features:

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  • Predictably Irrational has an impressive Goodreads user score of 4.11 out of 5.00.

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