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Skulduggery Pleasant Pdf
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You have been missed out on a lot if you haven’t read the adventures of Valkyrie Cain. She is the main protagonist in Derek Landy’s Skulduggery Pleasant. Skulduggery Pleasant is a dark fantasy novel series by this brilliant Irish author who has introduced a new dimension to the genre. Today, we are bringing a brief discussion about the book and also the free Skulduggery Pleasant Pdf e-book.’

Skulduggery Pleasant Pdf:

The name of the first novel in the series is also Skulduggery Pleasant. Valkyrie Cain is the main protagonist in the story. The other characters in the story include her mentor  Skulduggery Pleasant and many others including her friends. In the main plot, Valkyrie is fighting against strange forces of evil trying to invade her planet.

While the main plot brings a conflict between the inhabitants of the earth and these evil forces, Valkyrie Cain is fighting another battle as well. However, this other battle is more of an internal struggle with the darkness that resides within her. Following these external and internal conflicts, there is some major turn of events in the story where most of the fun lies.

Skulduggery Pleasant has become of the most popular dark fantasy novel series of the 20th century. It has received critical acclaim from both critics and readers. Now Derek Landy is one of the most prominent authors of the century due to the success of this series. After the wonderful reception of the first book, the author converted this into an annual franchise.

While we have brought you an overview of the story, download the Skulduggery Pleasant e-book to read the complete story. Skulduggery Pleasant book #1 has a Goodreads user score of 4.13 which is quite impressive.

Skulduggery Pleasant Pdf

About the Author Derek Landy:

Derek Landy is an Irish author most known for writing the Skulduggery Pleasant dark fantasy series. The first novel in the series Skulduggery Pleasant got enlisted among the best Irish novels of the decade. He is currently one of the bestselling authors in the dark fantasy genre for writing this series.

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  • Skulduggery Pleasant has an impressive Goodreads user score of 4.13 out of 5.00.
  • The book has received numerous awards and was one of the Irish novels of the decade.

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