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Starcrossed Pdf
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One core part of a young adult fiction story is our main protagonists living lives they are not supposed to. However, this specific point about their characters makes them what they are at the end. Josephine Angelini, in his famous young adult fantasy romance novel Starcrossed Pdf, brings one such brilliant story. Today, we are reviewing the book and bringing you guys the free Starcrossed Pdf at the end.

Starcrossed Review:

The story of Starcrossed revolves around Helen Hamilton, who like many other young adult book protagonists, is living an ordinary life. However, she is unaware that she is secretly a modern-day Helen of Troy. Though she eventually finds that out later in the story but is aware of the risk of revealing her identity as well. That risk is a possible future war, especially if he reunites with the love of her life.

Having such a strong premise, this book was destined to receive a few sequels upon the fans’ demand. Well, it did receive those sequels eventually, however, for now, we are going to keep talking about Starcrossed’s story. Lucas is the boy she falls in love with and both of them knowing that a revelation about their affair could trigger a Trojan War, decide to keep it a secret.

Keeping something like this, especially when it is between the central characters in the story requires a great deal of sacrifice. However, these lovers will go to any length to keep the future of humanity safe. Well, how they can do is up to you to find. To read the full story, download the Starcrossed Pdf e-book from our website for free.

Starcrossed is followed by two sequel books Dreamless and Goddess. The books bring a satisfying conclusion to this great tale. Starcrossed was well-received globally, scoring 4.02 out of 5.00 on Goodreads.

Starcrossed Pdf

About the Author Josephine Angeline:

Josephine Angeline is an American screenwriter and young adult fiction author. She gained worldwide recognition for her young adult romantic trilogy Starcrossed. This trilogy sold millions of copies around the world making Angeline one of the bestselling authors in the genre.

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  • Starcrossed has a Goodreads user score of 4.02 out of 5.00.

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