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The Book of Lost Things Pdf
Written by Shakespeare

David has lost his mother and his father remarries. There are going to be many trials that he has to face in his life due to this situation. What awaits David is not going to be easy? This is a beautiful fantasy novel from the pen of John Connolly. If you wish to read it for free, download The Book of Lost Things Pdf right now from our site. Let us move ahead and bring a brief review of the book.

The Book of Lost Things Review:

Life is about finding meaning during times of trials and tribulations. The story of David is going to be a huge inspiration for those who are going through life like that. David is a twelve-year-old boy whose mother has recently died. While he is going through that, his father remarries a woman. She gives birth to David’s step-brother named Georgie.

David seems off after his mother’s death even though her step-mother tries her best to befriend him. However, she has to turn away her attention from him when she gives birth to Georgie. So, David finds himself lost in the fantasy world, especially when he finds a book of spells. David still believes that he might bring his mother back if he tries to live a strict routine.

Will David succeed in this impossible endeavor that he so solemnly wants to achieve? Well, you are going to know when you shall start reading the book yourself. The Book of Lost Things was a commercial success. It got nominated for various awards, including the Alex Awards and Irish Novel of the Year. The novel has a Goodreads score of 3.93.

About the Author John Connolly:

John Connolly is an Irish novel writer. He is best known for The Book of Lost Things and a series of private detective novels i.e. Charles Parker. He has been among several nominations for the book of the year.

Features of The Book of Lost Things Pdf:

  • The Book of Lost Things is the Irish Book of the Year 2007 nominee.
  • Read the fantasy story of David who loses his mother and wants to bring her back.
  • Get the Book of Lost Things Pdf e-book from the original hardcover edition.

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