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The Chocolate War Pdf
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The 1998 young adult film The Chocolate War was a fun watch. What most people do not know that it is based on the young adult novel of the same. The Chocolate War is Robert Cormier’s classic work. Even though it was met with mixed reviews, the novel became a classic among the fans. Before downloading the free The Chocolate War Pdf read the following brief review of the book.

The Chocolate War Review:

The Chocolate War revolves around the story of a non-conforming student. He is the subject of the cruel behavior of a student organization and its manipulation. The novel has a deep and powerful story. Nonetheless, the mixed reception was because of the strong language and sexual pondering leading to the novel being surrounding by a handful of accessories.

This novel is considered one of the best young adult novels of all time. And, it is even though it had a controversial launch. The Chocolate War has a rich theme and is masterfully structured as put beautifully by the New York Times. There are some complex and taboo ideas and all of these combined bring a brilliant novel for young adult readers.

The Chocolate War has received multiple accolades including the Lewis Carroll Shelf Award. Other awards are New York Times Notable Books of the Year and School Library Journal Best Books of the Year. On Goodreads, The Chocolate War has a user score of 3.5 out of 5. Don’t forget to download The Chocolate War Pdf e-book on your laptops and smartphones.

The Chocolate War Pdf

About the Author Robert Edmund Cormier:

Robert Edmund Cormier was an American author and journalist. He is known for writing the young adult novel The Chocolate War and also a series of pessimistic poems for young adults.

The Chocolate War Pdf Features:

  • A brilliant novel with rich themes and powerful characters.
  • The Chocolate War Pdf comes with high-quality fonts for an easy read.
  • One of the top 100 banned/challenged books during the first decade of the 21st

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