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The Kiss of Deception Pdf
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The young adult fans would know the importance of The Remnant Chronicles in the genre. Well, it all started with The Kiss of Deception, the first novel in the series. Mary E. Pearson started putting out this gem of a series with the publication of the first novel in 2014. It brings us the story of Princess Lia who abhors her royal life. Download The Kiss of Deception Pdf at the end of this brief review.

The Kiss of Deception Pdf Review:

Often, we read stories where people lust for power and love their lives of riches and royalty. The author Mary E. Pearson, however, developed a beautiful character named Princess Lia who thinks otherwise. She doesn’t like living this royal life and all she can think of is escaping it. Will she succeed in doing so and what will be the consequences? This is what you must be looking forward to discovering.

The story of The Kiss of Deception revolves around Princess Lia and her disgust for this life of royalty. Since she is the first daughter in the family, she is supposed to have that special gift of sight. However, to her misfortune or according to some good fortune, she lacks any of the special powers like her family. So what her family thinks of is securing an allegiance by marrying her to a neighboring kingdom.

But, is she comfortable marrying a prince she has never met and benefit her family at the cost of her happiness? Well, you can download The Kiss of Deception Pdf e-book to read the complete story. On Goodreads, The Kiss of Deception has a user score of 3.96 out of 5.00 which is impressive. Upon release, The Kiss of Deception was among many bestseller lists and received a few award nominations as well.

The Kiss of Deception Pdf

About the Author Mary E. Pearson:

Mary E. Pearson is an American writer of children’s and young adult novels. She is most known for writing A Room on Lorelei and The Remnant Chronicles series. The former won the 2006 Golden Kite Award and the latter is one of the bestselling young adult novel series.

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