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The Last Battle PDF
Written by Shakespeare

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The Last Battle Review:

It is tough to manage your children and make them sleep at 9. They usually demand a goodnight story, and you feel very confused in selecting a book for them. Most kids like to read or listen to reports based on a fictional magical world where animals can talk, and humans can fly. Are you looking for a story for your child? Don’t worry at all because we have something for you. You can download The Last Battle PDF from the website written by C.S Lewis. Your kid will enjoy reading the story, and it will keep him engaged.

The last battle is the 7th and final part of the chronicles of the Narnia series. If you haven’t read the first parts, you must have to read the last books before reading this one because we will not give you a recap here. And it will be hard for you to understand the story.
The author of the story has magnificently written the story’s conclusion by adding the spices of suspense, drama, and thrill. The magical world of Narnia has threats and challenges that can bring destruction to it. Certain enemies are raising their heads to destroy the peace and beauty of the land. There is no enemy from the outside, but traitors and disloyal characters have planned something drastic for Narnia. The thrilling part is the few loyal people who are standing with the king to save the land. They have to fight against the odds to protect their land for the last time. We are not going to disclose the conclusion by giving you any spoiler. You have to find this on your own.

 The Last Battle PDF

About Author C.S Lewis:

Clive Staples Lewis was born in England on 29th November 1898 and died on 22nd November 1963. He received the positions in literature from Oxford University.

Features of The Last Battle PDF:

  • The book has a reader’s feedback of 4.7 stars out of 5.
  • The book has 288 readable pages.
  • The Last Battle PDF has easy to read font size.

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