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The Little Prince is Antoine De Saint’s novella and the one we can truly call a masterpiece. It is one of our favorite books on Your Pdfs that brings out the genius of the author. Not just the author’s genius but a true picture of the world situation in the 20th century beautifully told through a child’s story. You can download the free The Little Prince Pdf here at the end of this brief review.

The Little Prince Review:

When you start reading The Little Prince, it may feel like a children’s book. Well, it was stylized this way as a deliberate effort from the author. However, while stylized like this, this book highlights themes like love, loss, happiness, and friendship. This method of discovering the adult human themes through the eyes of a child was a unique take and one of the reasons behind this book’s mastery.

The Little Prince first got published before World War II both in French and English. A posthumous edition of the book was published later after the liberation of France. It was because the author’s work was banned before the liberation so none of the publishers took the risk. You can say that the French public was missing out on one of their true literary masterpieces.

The Little Prince brings the story of a young prince who travels on different planets including the Earth to discover the aforementioned themes. The true mastery of the author is in making us feel what the young prince sees. Well, we wouldn’t spoil even a small piece of the story to let you have full fun with it. For that, download The Little Prince Pdf e-book at the end of this article.


About the Author Antoine de Saint Exupery:

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry was a French poet, author, novelist, aviator, and journalist. He is the laureate of multiple French national awards for his services to the nation. The Little Prince is one of the best examples of his great literary work. Besides this book, some of his most notable literary works are Wind, Sand, and Stars, and Night Flight.

The Little Prince Pdf Features:

  • You can download both English and French editions of The Little Prince Pdf.
  • Explore themes like love, loss, friendship, and happiness in this masterpiece.
  • One gem of a novel with a Goodreads user score of 4.31 out of 5.00.

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