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The Outsiders Pdf
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Being a natural talent, you can achieve big feats even in your teenage. The story of S. E. Hinton is one of those. The Outsiders was her first novel which she started writing at the age of 15. It got published when she was in high school and became one of the young-adult classics. If you look forward to reading it, download The Outsiders Pdf right now from our website.

The Outsiders Review:

The Outsiders has gained the status of cult-classic. There was a film adaptation of the novel in 1983 and also a television series version. You can say that it is one of the most influential novels of the century. Evidence of that is BBC’s list of 100 most influential novels. According to many book critics, the story is way ahead of its time giving the novel its current status.

The story of The Outsiders starts with a teenage boy named Ponyboy Curtis. It is about his struggle as a member of society; trying to decide between right and wrong. Curtis always feels left alone and considers himself an outsider in a known society. The novel timeline spans over two weeks and tells the most important event in the life of a 14-year-old boy.

Curtis, in his mind, has divided society into two groups i.e. Socs and Greasers. Socs, short for social, are rich people of the society who can get anything. While Greasers are people who have to watch their back because no one else cares for them. As you would have guessed, Ponyboy Curtis considers himself in the latter group.

The Outsiders has been an important part of the book culture. It has gained the status of a cult classic. It is listed in the list of 100 most influential novels by BBC. The novel has a Goodreads user score of 4.10 out of 5.

The Outsiders Pdf

About the Author Susan Eloise Hinton:

Susan Eloise Hinton (S. E. Hinton) is an American novelist. She is known for her young-adult fiction novels, including The Outsiders. Hinton is considered the pioneer of the young-adult genre. She has also written books for children. Tex, Rumble Fish, and Taming the Star Runner are some of her other YA novels.

The Outsiders Pdf Features:

  • Read the story of Ponyboy Curtis and his life struggle in The Outsiders.
  • The novel beautifully portrays class distinction through a teenager’s viewpoint.
  • The total page count of this novel is 192.

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