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The Overstory Pdf
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Global Warming is one of the biggest problems in the world that could bring us to the brink of destruction. The primary reason behind that is the massive deforestation that doesn’t seem to stop. The Overstory by Richard Powers is a novel that tackles the issue by telling a story inspired by this idea. If you want to read this book, download The Overstory Pdf right now from our website.

The Overstory Pdf Review:

The Overstory brings us the story of nine Americans who start addressing the issue of deforestation after years of their experience while working with trees. Their experience with trees leads them to activism and start a campaign against deforestation. The author found the inspiration for writing this book when he himself encountered those giant redwood trees during one of his researches at Stanford University.

The Overstory is a story of tragedy and salvation for nine main characters in the story, including Nicholas Hoel, Mimi Ma, Adam Appich, Ray Brinkman, Dorothy Cazaly, Douglas Pavlicek, Neelay Mehta, Patricia Westerford, and Olivia Vandergriff. One of their main ideas that trees are social organisms and not an isolated species that should be forgotten and only used when humans feel the need.

Other people in the group have similar beliefs; however, there are few differences given that each character comes from a different background. The Overstory is one of the well-received books of 2019 winning the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction. The book also got shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize and was one of the bestsellers in the year of release.

The Overstory Pdf

About the Author Richard Power:

Richard Power is the author of The Overstory. He is an American novelist whose work mostly covers the effects of science and modern technology on the reshaping of human lives. He has also been a huge critic of the worst global environment due to deforestation and global warming.

The Overstory Pdf Features:

  • The Overstory raises the important challenge of deforestation and global warming
  • It brings the interesting stories of nine characters with great experiences with trees
  • The Overstory Pdf e-book is available for free download with easy-to-read fonts

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