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The Prophet Pdf
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Kahlil Gibran is one of the legendary names among the art circles. The Prophet is one of his most notable masterpieces that gained worldwide recognition after a 1923 publication. The credit for this 20th-century publication goes to Alfred Knopf. Being a famous piece of literature, the book has received over one hundred translations. Download The Prophet Pdf by Kahlil Gibran at the end of this short review.

The Prophet Review:

You know there is something special about a book when it gains worldwide recognition and has over 100 international translations. Well, Kahlil Gibran’s The Prophet is one of those which is considered a masterpiece in literature. It is such an honor for this great Lebanese-American poet and writer that his book is now the most translated in the world. Also, the book has never run out of prints.

The reason why this book is considered a masterpiece is how beautifully it tells a story to discuss everything about life. Using a character named Al Mustafa who embarks on a voyage, the author Kahlil Gibran discusses the human condition and life. Al Mustafa meets different people on his voyage and discusses life, marriage, children, work, drinking, sorrow, happiness, crime, laws, and punishment.

When you are going through the book, you will realize that this little premise is just an excuse. Instead, the author is trying to teach us these concepts of life using a third-party character. While Al Mustafa is busy conversing with other travelers, he and his companions are saying stuff that is meant to be teaching the readers.

We have already discussed how popular the book is. Just in the United States, The Prophet has sold over nine million copies. On Goodreads, the book’s reception has been massive, receiving a user score of 4.22 out of 5. You can download the free The Prophet Pdf e-book from our site.

The Prophet Pdf

About the Author Kahlil Gibran:

Kahlil Gibran was a Lebanese-American poet, author, visual artist, and thinker philosopher. However, he himself denied the idea of him being a philosopher but his work says otherwise. Kahlil Gibran’s most notable work is The Prophet, a book that became the most translated book ever.

The Prophet Pdf Features:

  • We are bringing both the original and revised editions of The Prophet Pdf e-book.
  • This book has received over 100 translations worldwide which is a world record.
  • Learn about life’s philosophy from the story of Al Mustafa and his voyage.
  • Your chance to deeply understand life, happiness, work, sorrow, etc.

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